Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold Showers and Writing

An update about "finally" posting on a blog scrolled across my Facebook feed today, respected as an intelligent person, I decided to follow her >>>link<<<. Her post was so amusing, that it motivated me to "finally" update my blog in hopes of amusing one of my 3 or 4 followers. If I get one, that's a pretty big percentage. I almost didn't check how long she she withheld from blogging, but my blogging etiquette kicked in, forcing me to click previous. Turns out, she was away for less than a month. Pff. Check out my previous post, that's what's up. That's almost nine months. I could have put a baby in someone, taken baby classes, built a crib, and created a morphthing photo of me and the lucky lady. All she did was go to >>>Antigua, Guatemala<<<. I'd rather go there than put a baby in someone though.

Since I am serious about my return to blogging, I skimmed through past posts that didn't align with my current vibe. Anything with a negative tone has been deleted, I really don't have anything to be upset about. I'm not sleeping on cardboard, a floor, or a couch. When I get back to one of those, I'm allowed to complain.

Another funny thing about my previous post: I didn't have hot water then, I don't have hot water now. Coincidence? I will never get used to that.

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