Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Guifiti, A Garifuna Tradition

Guifiti is a staple drink of the Garifuna culture. It is said that this concoction can treat the cold, flu, menstrual cramps, impotence, both high and low blood pressure (both??) and repel mosquitoes if taken regularly. Other common side effects may include belligerence, unrealistic self image, lack of depth perception during conversations, loss of consciousness, and mud butt. It's also said that Guifiti is the reason behind 25% of pregnancies in Honduras. I kid. Rum, garlic, palo de hombre, and cinnamon are the most common ingredients in Gufiti. I promised my friends Bagna and Noel not to share ALL the ingredients, so I will go no further. The recipe for this elixir, like the Garifuna language, varies from place to place. Some recipes can include dozens of ingredients including herbs, roots, seeds and leafs.

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On one of my first trips to San Juan, a Garifuna community just outside of Tela, I sampled three varieties of Guifiti. It was like wine tasting in Napa. One was strong and bitter, the second was sweet, the last stronger than the first and spicy. You definitely have to acquire the taste of Guifiti. The taste is like a mix between Jearggermister and Robitussin. Like sip sip sipping on some sizzurp. Not that I know that I know what that's like


My first encounters with Guifiti in SPS - Klein Bohemia (RIP)



Anonymous said...

What is palo de hombre?? I've heard all kinds of things that go into guifiti, but WTH is that? I'm moving back to S.P.S. in a month, I have to meet you, you sound like a barrel of fun! We have a business there, so maybe you could find employment with us, or we could connect you to someone else who needs your skills. I'm a "grindia" (gringa who has lived there enough with my catracho to get it), unless you have since this post found a full time job herding cows, or selling cocos! Love your stories and insights!

Carlos Melgar said...

I am flattered. I don't remember reading this comment before. Huge smile on my face.

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